Which country would you (favorably) like to vacation in?!


  1. Gee, that was a tough question/

  2. I chose Australia only because I have been to Italy quite often and have yet to visit down under. Can’t wait to see the Outback and the Great Barrier Reef, among many other sites. Tough poll, indeed, though!

    • Jonathan, thank you for participating in my poll! Are you planning on vacationing/traveling to Australia anytime soon? I chose Japan, I would really like to hike Mt. Fuji, but snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef is on my “to do list.”

  3. Great idea. Do you build the apps yourself?

  4. Crap. Wrong blog! I have too many windows open. I was reading Dmitrii Lezine’s new travel photo app blog at the same time as yours. I guess my favorite place would be Australia, since I’ve been to the other places…

  5. I may be a little biased since I recently spent 12 days in Japan and absolutely loved it. I left just thinking how much I want to go back! I’ve been to Italy a few times and think it is amazing. Australia is on my list of places to check out, but I’d want more than just a week. I’ll get there someday soon!

  6. One week isn’t enough time to visit Australia in its vastness.

    • I agree with you, I think you’d need more time in Japan, and Italy as well. I guess it depends what your interests are, and how much you’d like to see, AND how far you live from these countries/states.

  7. Honestly, it’s the closest to me. I don’t have to jump the big puddle.

  8. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 I participated to your poll and chose Japan – I find the culture of this country really fascinating!!

  9. I also chose Japan because my step grandfather was Japanese. My grandmother wanted me to visit Japan when I was station in the Philippines to me some of the family. She said the family was eager to meet me. I never got to go.

    • Wow that’s pretty amazing. So are you planning on visiting Japan in the future? Thank you for participating in the poll, I appreciate it!

      • I don’t think so. I would have if the Navy would had let me go on R&R to Japan while my grand mother was still alive. She would have set me up with all the family contacts back then. I was in the Philippines at the time.

  10. Thanks for liking my blog! I lived in Japan for 13 years, recently returned from Venice, and visited Australia many, many years ago. I guess I’d go for Australia, then, after, visit other South East Asia countries on the way home! Kind of like a two-fer, but better.

  11. The wife and I have frequently talked about how great it would be to rent a place in Italy for a month.

  12. I chose Italy only because you specified One Week’s vacation. Coming from the US, it’s hardly worth it to go to Australia for a week since travel time would take up two full days on either end. Same with Japan. But really, I’d prefer to explore Australia and spend at least a month or more there.
    BTW< thanks for visiting my blog.

  13. Thanks for liking my photo of the plant on my blog:http://blueribbonfair.wordpress.com/. Loved this pole. Have always wanted to visit Australia.

  14. I’d actually prefer Greece, but that wasn’t a choice!

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