Where can you learn to cook HOMEMADE fresh Italian cuisine, and enjoy a wine tasting?!

Il fon.


Il Fontanaro!! Situated in Umbria, Italy Il Fontanaro is a farmhouse located on 40 acres of land covered with all sorts of trees and flowers.  It offers beautiful views, a peaceful setting, along with fun activities such as cooking classes, and wine tastings.

Below I’ve listed two websites that have rated and reviewed (by customers) Il Fontanaro, take a look for yourself….




  1. Looks relaxing good food and wine, can’t go wrong with that!

  2. The figs and grapes look great to me. What a romantic place to escape reality for a while. Thanks so much for liking my post on the Nostalgia Restaurant.

  3. Lovely and luscious!

  4. Thank you for liking my blog! It looks like we have similar interests! Lovely photo, and post! 🙂

  5. So peaceful place! How lucky you are!

  6. So did you go there? Is that your aerial shot?

    • No I did not, I was in Tuscany for a few days but never had the chance to do this. I’d like to some day. I was researching online, and it seemed like a beautiful remote place with a lot to offer. All the reviews were spectacular for this destination, I read through most of them. I also spoke with the owners and they were very sweet. Some of the places I’ve posted about I have been to, others I have received recommendations for from family, and friends, and some others I just do lots of research and try to produce the best option. (so best reviews, destination, and interesting excursions.) I hope you enjoy.

  7. IntrovertlyBubbly says:

    This is lovely suggestions, where else can you do this in italy? I am shopping around….

  8. ahardrain says:

    On my bucket list is to start at the top of the boot of Italy and eat my way around the entire coast. Yummy!!!!

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