Where can you eat some of the BEST CHOCOLATE COVERED KEY LIME PIE?!

Key west, key lime pie

Key West, USA!!!  My grandparents always spoke about how amazing the frozen key lime pie is in Key  West.  Luckily, I had the pleasure of visiting Key West in December, and had a chance to try the key lime pie myself!!  It was OUTSTANDING!!! There are plenty of shops that sell this delicious dessert in Key West, it’s not difficult to find!

conch train

**Bonus:  There’s a lot to do and see in Key West, and it can often be tiring.  If your feeling a little lazy and would like a ride around the WHOLE island then I would suggest to take a ride on the conch train!!  There is also a trolley that is similar to the conch train.

You can get on an off at any of the various stops that the conch train and trolley make, and then hop back on at your own convenience to see the rest of the island.  A new conch/trolley runs about every 20 minutes.

photo 2.43.01 PM

**Bonus:  There is also a BEAUTIFUL beach with crystal clear blue water.  The water is perfect for snorkeling, and many other water sports!!


  1. Very nice, choc key lime pie looks great!!!!

  2. happyskips says:

    I had one in December. They are good!!!

  3. beautiful pics..thanks a lot for sharing

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