Costa Rica 2007

???????????????????????????????  Nachos

Van full of surfboards and people, and best nachos I’ve ever had!

…Oh and my silly purple hat =)

photo  costa rica 6

Beautiful beaches

costa rica 2  dad surf

My dad!

costa rica 5  alexander surf

My brother!

Uncle tommy surf  Tommy surf

Uncle Tommy!


  1. Looks like fun!

  2. Great photos! Surfing is such an addictive sport. I’m a total beginner, but I love it! Thanks for sharing and thank you for stopping by Travel Oops! Cheers.

  3. Clearly a serious family!

  4. You and your family looks so good…
    i also enjoy surfing on sea…..
    very lovely….

  5. I love the nachos sign. That’s hilarious!

  6. Thanks for your like. Love the surfing photos I was wondering which beach you visited.

  7. Looks great! – I am going there this summer and am VERY exited! 😀

    • That’s awesome! You’ll have an amazing time, do you know which part of Costa Rica yet?

      • I’m travelling from Nicaragua to La Fortuna and Arenal and then down to San Jose. I then plan on spending a few days in Puerto Viejo before coming back to San Jose for my flight. Any tips?

      • Hi Becky! Most of my time was spent in and around Tamarindo, so as far as Nicaragua I do not have any tips/recommendations. Now, San Jose I could give you some recommendations, what are you most interested in doing? (hiking, museums, food, etc.)

      • Well i’m only there for a few days, but major sights to see? Buildings/view points/food would be great!

      • Okay, so here are some recommendations, some from me, and some recommended by others. In Costa Rica I’ve spent most of my time eating, and doing more of the adventure sports, so any of the museums or sights to see will most likely be recommendations of others. For food: Casa Luisa, La Esquina de Buenos Aires, Café Mundo…Things to see: Volcan Arenal (although not in San Jose, I’ve had a few recommendations from friends/family that this is a must see…Hotel recommendation: Arenal Springs Resort), Teatro Nacional..There’s many other things to do and see, but I do not want to tell you anything I haven’t heard reviews about or been to! I hope this helps!

      • Great, thanks! I am in fact going to Volcano Arenal! I am hoping to go kayaking on the lake. I will look out for those restaurants too – I love trying the native food. Limoncello – is that the lemony alcohol you shot? 🙂

      • No problem, I’m not much help in the San José area, but if you’re ever around Tamarindo I have A LOT of recommendations/tips! That’s going to be so beautiful, kayaking on the lake! Haha, well that is the alcohol I had a few shots of in Italy, but it’s actually a restaurant in San José!

      • I forgot one, food: Limoncello

  8. Congratulations, Arianna! You have been nominated:

  9. best trip ever.

  10. Enjoyed checking out your site and it is cool when the family can get together and enjoy some waves!

    By the way, Jersey gets a bum rap in my humble opinion. Besides the great surf, there are some wonderful towns and beach towns. I guess people think the whole state is Newark.

    Have a good weekend!

    • Thanks for the comment Steve!

      Jersey definitely gets a bum rap! Yes, the whole state does think of Jersey mostly as Newark. What areas in Jersey have you surfed?

      Have a great weekend as well!!

      • Former tour surfer so we mainly surfed in the south for the Heritage contest. So I surfed from Atlantic City southwards and then up north. Belmar, Manasquan, Point Pleasant…I always looked forward to going up there. We had so much fun both in and out of the water.

      • That’s awesome, Belmar is pretty fun by night too! I’ll have some fun Costa Rica surf photos at the end of March, pray for some good waves!

      • I am sure Costa will be great…Is it ever bad there?

        I have friends that live in Belmar so I stayed at the Futon Inn. So we spent some time goofing around at night as well. Fun is right!

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