Where can you eat the BEST cheesesteak?!


Philadelphia, USA!!

genos  pats

Both FAMOUS for their delicious “Philly cheesesteaks”, there is an ongoing battle between these two restaurants for the BEST CHEESESTEAK.

I’ve tried both, I am in favor of GENO’S CHEESESTEAKS, but like Pat’s CHEESE FRIES more.  Why don’t you decide for yourself and try both, they are right across the street from one another!!


  1. Very Lovely place…
    if you have more pictures..
    please send to me at abinsabu90@gmail.com
    all the photos of your blog is so beautiful….

  2. Is this a serious question? Pat’s or Geno’s? Come on! It isn’t even close! If you chose Geno’s you must not be from Philly!

  3. I’m not from Philly, but I do live there! =) I like how Geno’s has thicker slices of steak. Why do you like Pat’s better?


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