Where can you bask in lavender fields and learn to cook delicious French cuisine?!

lavender 1

Provence, France!!

The International Kitchen provides a fun and relaxing way to cook Provencal cuisine.  You can go on a “culinary vacation” for a few days, or just attend a one day cooking class!



**Bonus: If you’re already in Provence checkout EUROPE’S DEEPEST CANYON, Gorges du Verdon!  You can take a hike, swim, rent a kayak, , or simply drive around the rim!


  1. That field is lovely. I can’t imagine being there and not feeling an inspiration to do something amazing:)

  2. I like it!

  3. I will pass the learn to cook part and take everything else. How about that 😉

    Love the lavender field!

  4. lavender field – a picture perfect and very inspiring one.

  5. Beautiful!!! Wish I could go! =(

  6. Awesome! I will never forget that lavender field!

  7. Absolutely beautiful

  8. this page is great option for a ticket-less travel across the globe… loved your posts’ titles too – very captivating! And thank you for your like. cheers! M

    • Half of these posts are my bucket list of places to go, hopefully one day I can do them all. I’m happy you enjoyed my posts, love your blog!

      • so hope you can visit all these places! i have a list of places too that i long to visit…and your blog has added more names to that list :). travel is such an essential in one’s life…
        thanks again

  9. Loved these pictures, stunning and it looks like great fun – I’m almost relaxed just looking at them. Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by my blog too. Travel, photos and fun – life is good!

  10. what beautiful lines and symmetry. Love your work

  11. The Provence picture is beautiful (as are the others)

  12. The waters of the Gorge is “gorgeous”. . . Like the color of the water in Annecy, France!

  13. Wow, I would love to see those lavender fields!!

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