Where can you watch a movie AND eat upscale French-Italian cuisine?!

cine de chef

cine de chef 1

Cine de Chef, Seoul, South Korea

I quote from The Official Site of Korea Tourism, “CGV Cine de Chef is a new style restaurant that connects both move theater and restaurant. This luxurious, but cozy restaurant has seven exquisite chefs that offer delicious French and Italian food. Screen A is equipped with luxurious electronic chairs, Hi-Fi system, 11.1 surround sound system, and three-dimensional sound with a sense of depth anywhere in a 360° span while Screen B offers leather sofas for couples with diverse styles, red egg chairs, and side tables to hold drinks (using drink services).”

Warning: It may cost you, tickets usually start at $54!!

If you’re interested in a more detailed review of the food and overall experience check this out … http://korea.stripes.com/restaurant-guide/cine-de-chef-wine


  1. That’s really a great way to watch a movie/dine!

  2. Great blog!

  3. reddirtbetty says:

    Interesting blog! Kimchi and swanky movie theaters sound like two good reasons to visit South Korea to me!

    • Thank you! LOVE Kimchi, believe it or not my firsts time trying Kimchi was in Peru, and I fell in love! (My friend from South Korea had scoped out Korean food in Peru, and found a restaurant that had ethnic Korean food, I guess the owners were from Korea and had just moved to Peru and opened up their own restaurant!) Thank you for stopping by!

  4. I visited there last year. It was expensive, but it remains a fantastic memory about good food and movie until now. I like read your blog about another country and hope you visit Korea someday. Korea have a lot of good places and delecious food! Your first try about Kimchi in Peru is very interesting story:)

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