Where can you experience surreal views of the CLEAREST WATER in the world?!


Zanzibar, Tanzania!!

Some fun things to do while your in Zanzibar are a spice tour, explore Stone Town, and Prison Island (20-30 minute boat ride)!!

I guess you can do all of these excursions, but MY RECOMMENDATION would be to sit back, soak up some of that much needed Vitamin C from the sun, and enjoy the surreal views of the ocean.

Zanzibar     zanibar 2

Zanzibar by day, and Zanzibar by night…BOTH BEAUTIFUL!

(All of these photos were taken by a close friend, Luke!)


  1. Crystal blue water, really nice!

  2. Beautiful!

  3. Makes you just want to dive right in – very nice

  4. Inviting scene. I could sit and sit and sit here in the warmth and beauty of this spot.

  5. Beautiful beach and blue water… this is where they used to send prisoners??

  6. Love it!! Another bucket list entry! Can’t wait to see where I am going next!! great post.

  7. I guess those prisoners sent there are the most luckiest people! It didn’t cost them anything to go there, to live there! awesome post! Thanks

  8. really amazing snaps…..you are so beautiful blogger…this is my favorite blog….keep going…..!

  9. I’ve never been to the African continent but I have seen the similar clearest water in the Caribbean. I really can’t compare both as I haven’t really seen the African waters. But it just looks amazing in thse pictures! Thanks to you and to Luke for the amazing pictures!

  10. Wow, the water of the ocean at Zanzibar is stunningly clear. Bet you can actually see the fish swimming around?!

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