Where can you find the BIGGEST mirror in the world?!

bolivia salt flats

Bolivian Salt Flats aka Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia!!

(When it rains the water forms a thin layer on top that reflects the entire sky!)

The Bolivian Salt Flats are the LARGEST salt flats in the WORLD, and are approximately 3,600 meters above sea level in the Andes Mountain Range!


flamingos 2

The Bolivian Salt Flats are also breeding grounds to a few species of South American flamingos!


  1. Wow that first picture is mind blowing! I love it! Great Post!

  2. Alexander Levy says:

    The color of those flamingos is ridiculously beautiful.

  3. Looks like a stunning place, would love to visit these Salt Flats someday! Stunning photos.

  4. Really great pics and the reflection is crazy!

  5. I like the first picture. It’s really amazing!

  6. Amazing photos. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Loved the photos. Good post

  8. Wow… Indeed a beautiful place to visit and find our own reflection on a gigantic mirror!

  9. Flat out kewl!

  10. Like the color so much ^^

  11. that first picture is amazing! and I love the colours on the flamingos! If you ever want to do more pics of flamingos, head to Bonaire in the Caribbean, they have a flamingo sanctuary there, it’s a sight to behold!

  12. Your photography is extraordinary!

  13. Soooo great!!! I’ll be there next year! Safe travels!!!

  14. Salt flats look awesome. Did you drive your own vehicle (or a rental) in Latin America? I want to get there myself.

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