Where can you explore beautiful caves WITHOUT a headlamp?!

glow worms

Waitomo Caves, New Zealand!!

Waitomo caves

There are a few popular caves in New Zealand that have these amazing glow worms, but most reviews online recommended the Waitomo Caves. The most popular excursions to experience these caves are the boat rides, and tube white water rafting.  If you’re looking for a more “relaxed” excursion i’d recommend the boat ride, and for an “adrenaline pumping” excursion i’d recommend the tube white water rafting!

Note: If you’re looking to do some additional “adrenaline pumping” activities like zip lining, climbing, or repelling most of the touring companies offer a package deal with all of these excursions included!


  1. Very cool, I would go with both the white water rafting and the cave trip!!!!!

  2. Linda levy says:

    I would be happy to take the boat ride to
    see this fascinating wonder.

  3. Amazing nature

  4. I have got to get to New Zealand !

  5. I’ve been there and experienced these amazing caves. It’s a MUST! So glad you posted this:)

    • Yay, I love to hear that someone has been to a place I’ve posted about. Thank you for your feedback!! Did you go to a few different caves? If so, which were your favorites?

  6. What an amazing sight!! A cave lit up by glow worms…would love to see this someday!

  7. Wow, this look spectacular!

  8. Your travels are amazing! I love traveling and these pictures are so motivating to continue on with my travels.

  9. This is beautiful! How do you find the time to do ALL of during college?


  1. […] Where can you explore beautiful caves WITHOUT a headlamp?! […]

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