Where can you visit a SEX museum and ride a BEER BICYCLE?!

sex museum 1

Amsterdam, Netherlands!! Where else could you see something like this?!  For only 4 Euros you can checkout Amsterdams Sex Museum; you’ll see an interesting collection of objects about the human sexuality- art as well as photographs, china, figures, plates, arms and many other items.

beer bicycle 2

If you’re with a group, this could be an interesting excursion to experience while your in Amsterdam; drinking beer while riding a large bike.  Only one person has to stay sober!  You can find more information on prices at http://www.damtours.nl/detail/Bierfiets-8


  1. Now that is “Legit!” Bucket list for sure! Hi girl great post.

  2. Alexander Levy says:

    I WANT to comment, but I have to remember I’m you’re mother!

  3. We have the cycle bar in Seattle! I just can’t find enough friends to make it move!

  4. Oh my! Great post title. 🙂 I was going to say there is a beer cycle bar in Seattle but I see Tony has replied first…

  5. This looks like so much fun! And in the words of George Takei, “Oh my!” 😉

  6. Amsterdam is really an interesting city. The bicycles are every where, and very easy and fun to ride

  7. mykombiandi says:

    I’ve been to that sex museum and even got a photo sitting on that penis chair. I had seen those bikes cruising around Amsterdam as well as Prague. Very cool idea, I wish we could something like that in Perth. But no street drinking aloud here. Great post, brings back memories of the Netherlands!

  8. Awesome! Is there a suggested order to visit?

  9. lmfaooooooo!!!! i love this post…made my night


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