New Orleans


Aha! I knew I’d catch your attention with some food!  Oh yes, this photo (and all the photos following) were taken from my iPhone, they tasted better than they looked!  These wings were from Daisy Dukes- I got a tip from a local, he said they were the best wings in New Orleans, and boy was he right!  (If you like them extra crispy, tell the waitress you’d like them “fried hot”!)


These chili cheese fries were also from Daisy Dukes, yum yum!  You are probably wondering why in the hell do I have no pictures of some of their delicious and famous seafood?!  I am sad to say, I’m not a huge fan of seafood.

Side note: I have no photos that will do it justice, but some of the best desserts are from Palace Cafe- in particular the white chocolate bread pudding, you will not be disappointed. (I actually have the recipe, long story, so just ask!)

NO 1

…I also went on a swamp tour and met this big guy, along with….

NO 2

…this little guy!


Policemen on towering horses throughout Bourbon Street was interesting.  The French Quarter at night is so wonderful; you can get crazy walking in the streets with your oversized drink, bounce around to various bars (country music, hip hop, smooth and relaxing jazz, among many other “vibes”), or just spend a magical night taking a ride around the city in a carriage; this city has got it all, it’s fun and enjoyable for all ages.

One thing that made me *happy and feel at home* in New Orleans was how proud the locals were, they loved their city, and it showed; all guests were treated with hospitality, even the homeless were helping out the ridiculously drunk kids on the street… now that’s love!


  1. I have always wanted to visit New Orleans – for the jazz and the gumbo. Still saving! Thanks so much for visiting my post on Brisbane’s South Bank. Are you planning on travelling there?

  2. Would love to go to New Orleans. Can’t believe you don’t like seafood though 🙂

  3. Looks like a lot of fun!

  4. I have never been there but would like to go. The food look great. ED L.

  5. I’ve been fortunate to visit New Orleans a couple of times.. loved the experience both times.. especially like the French market and of course drinking Hurricane’s walking down Bourbon Street. Loved the Fries cooked in peanut oil too…

  6. Alexander Levy says:

    Great post on New Orleans! Gotta get some of those chile fries.

  7. Food looks even better wheni am having breakfast, and not a great one, at the airport! Always wanted to go to New Orleans, just haven’t made it yet.

  8. Southern food is often too rich for me, but I love seafood. We offset each other, ha ha. I was debating whether to hit N’Orleans this month or not — will probably do so given your raves about it.

  9. I’d love to visit someday. Looks like fun!

  10. NOLA is one of my favorite cities to visit, but I still haven’t gone on a swamp tour. Next time you go there you should go on the haunted ghost tour, it was really fun and full of history!

  11. oh dear goodness. i miss new orleans more than ever now. one of the best food capitals of the world in my opinion…

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