Grounds for Sculpture (Hamilton, NJ)



There were a ton of beautiful tree pathways.



My new statue friends….


…them too.



Even the simple picnic areas are colorful.



Nice restaurant on the grounds, French-Country cuisine, Rats Restaurant!


  1. This place is very photogenic!

  2. A great place to visit!

  3. Love you and your statute friends!

  4. Beautiful photos 🙂

  5. Gorgeous photos!! You’ve certainly been on some amazing adventures! Where to next??

  6. Very intriguing. And this is….where? 🙂

    • Hamilton, New Jersey. My pictures don’t do it justice, it is so beautiful and interesting.

      • Whoo, Thats less than an hour away. It could have been anywhere in the world! Your pictures are impressive. I’ll be talking to friends who live there –>- about this. Thanks, M

      • I was thinking about adding in the location, but decided anyone who was REALLY interested would ask, but I really should include it on the title- I’ll add that in now. Enjoy, it really is beautiful, try to get there in the next week or two so you can experience all the leaves changing color. (I’ve heard it’s a sight in the winter months, they have different attractions in addition to their sculptures.)

      • Our friends, whom we dinner with last night, highly recommend a visit, and that will happen soon. Thanks for the post. M

  7. Excellent!

  8. You’re beautiful.

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