Where can you visit a SEX museum and ride a BEER BICYCLE?!

sex museum 1

Amsterdam, Netherlands!! Where else could you see something like this?!  For only 4 Euros you can checkout Amsterdams Sex Museum; you’ll see an interesting collection of objects about the human sexuality- art as well as photographs, china, figures, plates, arms and many other items.

beer bicycle 2

If you’re with a group, this could be an interesting excursion to experience while your in Amsterdam; drinking beer while riding a large bike.  Only one person has to stay sober!  You can find more information on prices at http://www.damtours.nl/detail/Bierfiets-8

Where can you safely swim with a GREAT WHITE SHARK?!

Shark diving

Dyer Island (aka Seal Island), South Africa!


A friend who has experienced this excursion highly recommended a company called Marine Dynamics. I’ve included their website below… http://www.sharkwatchsa.com/en/home/

Dive area **Bonus: On the boat ride back maybe you’ll be lucky enough to catch a BEAUTIFUL SUNSET!

Where can you explore beautiful caves WITHOUT a headlamp?!

glow worms

Waitomo Caves, New Zealand!!

Waitomo caves

There are a few popular caves in New Zealand that have these amazing glow worms, but most reviews online recommended the Waitomo Caves. The most popular excursions to experience these caves are the boat rides, and tube white water rafting.  If you’re looking for a more “relaxed” excursion i’d recommend the boat ride, and for an “adrenaline pumping” excursion i’d recommend the tube white water rafting!

Note: If you’re looking to do some additional “adrenaline pumping” activities like zip lining, climbing, or repelling most of the touring companies offer a package deal with all of these excursions included!

Where can you chill with PENGUINS on a BEAUTIFUL BEACH?!

penguins 2

Boulders Beach, South Africa


On the far left is a close friend, Alida Moore!  She has been living in South Africa for a few months.  Alida gave me a few recommendations of places/things to do/see while visiting South Africa.

Here is what Alida said about Boulders Beach, “A must see are the penguins at Boulder Beach in Simon’s Town (about a 45 minute train ride from Cape Town). The train goes right along the shore and if you time it just right, you can watch the sunset over the ocean. There are plenty of hostels in the area where you can stay the night and then the next morning head over to Boulder Beach to swim with the penguins! (It’s only 40 R to get in – about $5). On your way back from the beach you should stop at the Tibetan Tea House for delicious chai, a calming atmosphere, and great food.”

If you’re interested in checking out Alida’s adventures in South Africa then check out her blog!   http://alidalmoore.blogspot.com

Where can you find the BIGGEST mirror in the world?!

bolivia salt flats

Bolivian Salt Flats aka Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia!!

(When it rains the water forms a thin layer on top that reflects the entire sky!)

The Bolivian Salt Flats are the LARGEST salt flats in the WORLD, and are approximately 3,600 meters above sea level in the Andes Mountain Range!


flamingos 2

The Bolivian Salt Flats are also breeding grounds to a few species of South American flamingos!

Where can you view a historical region from above and spend the night in a CAVE HOTEL?!


Cappadocia, Turkey!!

You can view this beautiful region from above by taking a hot air balloon ride!  Most of the balloon rides will provide you with beautiful views of the fairy chimneys, pigeon houses hewn into the unique rock formations, orchards and vineyards through impressive valleys, and breathtaking views of the rippled ravines.

Yes, there are other ways to view Cappadocia from above like taking a helicopter or plane ride, but the closeness and lack of windows in a hot air balloon ride creates an openness that you could not experience otherwise.


Kelebek Hotel offers these exclusive cave rooms to spend the night/nights in!!  There are 36 different rooms to choose from, all of which contrast from one another and are uniquely designed.  Also, Kelebek has a wonderful location, right in the heart of Goreme’s historic old village, with spectacular views looking out towards Uchisar and Cavusin.


Where can you feed a BABY kangaroo?!

Moonlit Sanctuary

Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park, Australia!!

This was a recommendation from a friend who has been living in Australia for a few months!

He said, I quote…”This is definitely my recommendation. It’s 45 minutes by car SE of Melbourne. It’s a huge open park with tons of animals roaming as well as some fenced in areas with animals. They had Dingos, Wombats, Emus, and more in enclosures. There were tons of wild wallabys and kangaroos roaming around too. They would give you food to go feed and pet any of them that you like. For $5 they also let you pet a koala which was awesome.”

Moonlit Sanctuary 2

Imagine petting this adorable Wombat!!

Where can you feel at ease with a PERFECT view of the STARS?!


Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland!!  Accommodations at the hotel are either a glass igloo, A SNOW IGLOO, or very cozy log cabins!

This remote area is perfect for viewing the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), just imagine being comfortable and warm relaxing in the glass igloo while viewing the spectacular Northern Lights!!

Ice fishing             berry and mushroom picking

**Bonus: Hotel Kakslauttanen offers some RARE ACTIVITIES in the Winter and Summer.

WINTER there is ice fishing, ICE SWIMMING, ice karting, reindeer safaris, and MUCH MORE.

SUMMER there is mushroom and berry picking, mountain biking, hiking, and forest scooter safaris.

I’ve provided a link to Hotel Kakslauttanens website…http://www.kakslauttanen.fi/en/

Where can you soak up the sun, and slide down into the beautiful Mediterranean Sea ?!

Water slide 2

Cittá del Mare Hotel Village, Palermo, Italy!!

Where can you go sandboarding, and take a WILD ride in a 4×4 vehicle?!

sandboarding 2


Dubai, United Arab Emirates!!

**Bonus: Below I’ve listed a travel agency that offers sandboarding, WILD 4×4 vehicles rides through the desert, AND CAMEL RIDING.  I also saw some other interesting excursions!!


indoor ski resort

**Bonus: If you have time you mine as well check out the INDOOR ski resort, the beautiful beaches along Jumeirah Road, and Burj Khalifa THE TALLEST BUILDING IN THE WORLD!!

(Side note: for all of my hummus lovers, Al Nafoorah, a restaurant in Dubai has gotten some great reviews!)