Where can you surf and eat nachos as BIG as your ASS?!


Tamarindo, Costa Rica!!!  There’s a bunch of great surf spots in and around Tamarindo. If you’re looking for a unique “ride” then I would suggest taking a boat to Witches Rock!

If you’re a first time surfer then I would highly suggest using Witch’s Rock Surf Camp. (The surf camp is located in Tamarindo!)

Check it out….



Eat at Joe’s is a small delicious restaurant located right next to the beach in Tamarindo.  I enjoyed these nachos, but definitely had trouble finishing them, they’re huge!!  If you’re looking for something lighter I’d suggest some good ole chips and guacamole, or salsa.

**Bonus:  There’s a fun nightlife, lot’s of bars, and dancing!

nachos sign

(This is the sign in front of Eat at Joe’s restaurant!!)

**Bonus: Another restaurant in Tamarindo I would recommend is Patagonia, below I’ve posted a link with reviews of the restaurant!