New York City adventure

mac and cheese adventure

Here we are holding a Mac and Cheese recipe book which I received as a present from my father (the peanut next to me).  In search of the perfect Mac and Cheese my father booked a sightseeing day in NYC and a delightful dinner at one of NYC’s top restaurants known for their Mac and Cheese!


nyc dad

We started off our day with visiting the empire state building and going all the way to the observatory point, boy were we high! (Just a suggestion, during holiday season I would recommend buying the express pass, it saved us a few hours of waiting in a line!)  We then visited a unique art gallery which featured an exhibition on Hurricane Sandy, which displayed photographs of the damage that had been done in the New York and New Jersey area.

mac and cheese adventure

We finally ended the day with Bacon Mac & Cheese at Heidi’s House which was delicious.  The small restaurant can only fit about 22-25 people, and was fully packed only 30 minutes after opening.  We also had their delicious chocolate soufflé.  I would recommend going here if you have a cheese and chocolate craving!

Where can you be surrounded by skyscrapers, and eat some of the best RICE PUDDING while sitting on a bench and people watching?!

nyc lala

New York City!!  Although NYC has a lot of visitors and is well-known there are many hidden gems within this large city!

rices to riches

One of those hidden gems being a dessert restaurant called Rice to Riches. I was lucky enough to have my native NYC savvy cousin show me this hidden gem.

Go look for yourself…..