Where can you take a car ride into the clouds?

cable ride

Guanabara Bay, (Rio de Janeiro), Brazil

This cable car ride provides magnificent views of Rio’s bay, city, and beaches. 

beautiful view

“The Sugarloaf cable car in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, one of the world’s best known attractions, has received over 37 million visitors since its opening in 1912.

The ride is divided into two stages, each lasting 3 minutes. The first stage goes from Praia Vermelha (Red Beach) to Morro da Urca (Urca Hill), at an altitude of 220 meters. The second stage goes from Morro da Urca to Sugarloaf Mountain at an altitude of 528 meters. Cable car speed varies from 21 to 31 kilometers per hour. Each car has a capacity for 65 passengers.”


Every tourist attraction has a cost: Adults= $27 , Children ages 6-12= $16 , Children under 6= No charge

Where can you find the BIGGEST mirror in the world?!

bolivia salt flats

Bolivian Salt Flats aka Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia!!

(When it rains the water forms a thin layer on top that reflects the entire sky!)

The Bolivian Salt Flats are the LARGEST salt flats in the WORLD, and are approximately 3,600 meters above sea level in the Andes Mountain Range!


flamingos 2

The Bolivian Salt Flats are also breeding grounds to a few species of South American flamingos!

Is the “hype” true ?!

Machu Picchu

The answer is a loud, YES.

Machu Picchu is a must see.  If you enjoy hiking, nature, or breathtaking views and have enough time, the 5 day Inca Trail hike (there’s a shorter version as well) is beautiful and worth your time!

**Bonus: If you’d like to get a “picture perfect” photo of Machu Picchu I’d recommend taking the quick 1-2 hour hike up WAYNA PICCHU.  This takes some planning in advanced with only a few hundred people allowed to climb Wayna Picchu per day.

Back of me

Looks like a puzzle piece, what do you think?

Alpaca      Alpaca 2

**Bonus: You may run into some Alpacas!!

Inca trail

Me & the Inca Trail, amazing memories.

Inca trail 2

Some more of the Inca Trail, just beautiful.  My photograph does not even do it justice.