Where can you swim above a beautiful valley among the clouds?


Denizli Provence in southwestern Turkey

Turkey 2

Okay, well not exactly swimming in the clouds, but close to it! This is a twist on your typical beach vacation; the views from the ‘cotton castle’ are of better quality than any pool or beach;  you can receive that sun kissed tan while staying toasty in the naturally warmed spa while also experiencing magnificent views of the valley below.


You would also be relaxing/bathing in something historical, these travertine hot springs have been used as a spa since second century BC!

Where can you eat something delicious and be massaged by it too?!

Chocolate treatment

The Hotel Hershey, Pennsylvania!!

choco 2

This is a twist on your typical spa experience, The Hotel Hershey offers a variety of unique chocolate massages, facials, and wraps; who knew life could be so SWEET!

“Sink into a frothy Whipped Cocoa Bath, relax in the warm cocoon of our Chocolate Fondue Wrap, and inhale the rich chocolate aromas that differ from traditional spa treatments such as the Cocoa Facial Experience and the Cocoa Massage.”

Below I’ve provided a link to their website for pricing & and more depth information on the various spa activities!


Where can you get DIRTY relaxing in mud and it BENEFIT YOUR HEALTH?!

mud bath 2

Calistoga, California!! (USA)

You can experience a mud spa like this at Dr. Wilkinson’s Hot Springs Resort!! (http://www.drwilkinson.com )

Mud spa

It doesn’t get much more romantic than this, what do you think?! You can find these COUPLE MUD BATHS at Golden Haven Hot Springs Spa and Resort (http://www.goldenhaven.com)

**Bonus: There are some HEALTH BENEFITS of mud spas.  It can help alleviate aches and muscle pains. Another advantage is the soothing effect mud and its minerals (sodium, magnesium, and potassium) can have on the skin.

Side note: Below I’ve listed another spa that has been recommended by friends and family that specializes in the “mud spa treatments.”

**Calistoga Ranch (http://www.calistogaranch.com) ** RECOMMENDED

Old faithful

**Bonus: If you’re already in Calistoga you mine as well visit the famous OLD FAITHFUL GEYSER!!