Snapshot of Iceland, PT. 1

Sorry friends, family and followers!

I’ve neglected my blog for some time (life gets busy…you know) but you’ll start seeing posts more frequently with images from my recent travels – starting with Iceland.

Iceland 7

Skógafoss, Southern Iceland

Iceland 6

Typical picturesque views from Ring Road

Icleand 1

Fun street art in Reykjavík

Iceland 4

The clear and very cold Silfra water that you can snorkel or scuba dive in at Þingvellir National Park

Iceland 3

Check out all of those stars!

Iceland 2

Farm along Ring Road in South Iceland

Iceland 5

Solheimajokull Glacier hiking

Where can you surf and eat nachos as BIG as your ASS?!


Tamarindo, Costa Rica!!!  There’s a bunch of great surf spots in and around Tamarindo. If you’re looking for a unique “ride” then I would suggest taking a boat to Witches Rock!

If you’re a first time surfer then I would highly suggest using Witch’s Rock Surf Camp. (The surf camp is located in Tamarindo!)

Check it out….


Eat at Joe’s is a small delicious restaurant located right next to the beach in Tamarindo.  I enjoyed these nachos, but definitely had trouble finishing them, they’re huge!!  If you’re looking for something lighter I’d suggest some good ole chips and guacamole, or salsa.

**Bonus:  There’s a fun nightlife, lot’s of bars, and dancing!

nachos sign

(This is the sign in front of Eat at Joe’s restaurant!!)

**Bonus: Another restaurant in Tamarindo I would recommend is Patagonia, below I’ve posted a link with reviews of the restaurant!

Where can you learn to cook HOMEMADE fresh Italian cuisine, and enjoy a wine tasting?!

Il fon.


Il Fontanaro!! Situated in Umbria, Italy Il Fontanaro is a farmhouse located on 40 acres of land covered with all sorts of trees and flowers.  It offers beautiful views, a peaceful setting, along with fun activities such as cooking classes, and wine tastings.

Below I’ve listed two websites that have rated and reviewed (by customers) Il Fontanaro, take a look for yourself….

Where can you float while reading a book?!

Dead sea 2

Floating while reading/writing can be done in the DEAD SEA! (Southern District of Israel)

Where can you swim in Iceland?!

Swimming in Iceland?!

In the Blue Lagoon!! (located in Southwestern Iceland) The Blue Lagoon is a naturally formed spa.


**Bonus: There is a bar, so if you’re thirsty indulge in a drink!! ALSO, you can receive massages IN the Blue Lagoon!!!

Below I’ve provided a link with the various MASSAGE options, look for yourself….

Where can you climb, and see a giraffe?!


Mt. Meru, Tanzania, Africa.  Experience hiking a beautiful mountain filled with lush plant life and various animals!

Side note:  I’ve had the opportunity to climb both sister mountains Mt. Meru, and Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.  They both offered different scenery, and challenges, while also both being unique and beautiful in their own way.  One thing to note is that Mt. Meru was LESS CROWDED, and the greenery was more present in comparison to Mt. Kilimanjaro.  Also, I saw a ton of different animals, one being a giraffe.  On my last day of hiking Mt. Meru a giraffe decided to cross the hiking path about 50 feet in front of my group!