Is the “hype” true ?!

Machu Picchu

The answer is a loud, YES.

Machu Picchu is a must see.  If you enjoy hiking, nature, or breathtaking views and have enough time, the 5 day Inca Trail hike (there’s a shorter version as well) is beautiful and worth your time!

**Bonus: If you’d like to get a “picture perfect” photo of Machu Picchu I’d recommend taking the quick 1-2 hour hike up WAYNA PICCHU.  This takes some planning in advanced with only a few hundred people allowed to climb Wayna Picchu per day.

Back of me

Looks like a puzzle piece, what do you think?

Alpaca      Alpaca 2

**Bonus: You may run into some Alpacas!!

Inca trail

Me & the Inca Trail, amazing memories.

Inca trail 2

Some more of the Inca Trail, just beautiful.  My photograph does not even do it justice.